"Woman’s Strange Suffering" Creepy Story from North Wales

June 20, 2018

 I posted this on Facebook earlier this week and it has been my most popular post!! So I had to blog about this weird story. Today I guess we would be looking at a hefty compensation claim with the water board!   


Well if this doesn't freak you out... nothing will...!


WEEKLY MAIL 6th June 1908



An extraordinary incident has occurred at Penscoins, Port Dinorwic. For the last two years Mrs. Roberts, 47, the wife of Owen Roberts, a quarry man and farmer, suffered from pain in the stomach, the sensation being as if some living creature was crawling about in her. Sometimes, she states, she thought it was a mouse, and many times made up her mind to tell her doctor so. but always felt afraid that the doctor would laugh at her if she did. Mrs. Roberts was frequently sick, and on I Sunday during a fit of vomiting she ejected two living creatures. According to a. North Wales correspondent, they were two horrible and unknown things, which crawled about in a dish. In form they were almost exact replicas of gigantic prawns, with large protruding eyes, eight or tern long legs, and two or four small ones. As far as can be seen, there are no antennae. The colour of the creatures is black in the main, though the underparts are a delicate pink. They are thinly shelled, much as a shrimp or a prawn. They are three inches in length, and when first seen were quite an inch and a half in circumference. They did not live long, and were afterward taken away by a doctor and placed in same spirit* of wine." Mrs. Roberts say's that she need to feel the creatures running up her gullet from her stomach whenever she put a tasty bit of food in her mouth, and then creep down into her stomach again as soon as she had swallowed the food. She claims that she distinctly felt the second of the creatures biting her in the throat. Mrs. Roberts has the dreadful fear that others still remain in her system. The Robertses are tenants of Mr. Aseheton- Smith, and that gentleman the moment he heard of the occurrence proceeded to Dr. E