Top Ten Creepy Welsh Apparitions

April 12, 2018



If you have had the pleasure or even held a desire of visiting the lush green valleys of South Wales, you won’t need me to tell you that the brooding mountains, weather-beaten coastlines, and dark, sinister lakes have the power to stir your spirit and free the mind. It is a land where legends prosper, where spoken tradition has ensured that the past has never been forgotten through the telling of folklore and legend and is the haunt of many different entities.


Here are ten of the creepiest folklore stories of Ghosts, Witches, Goblins, Phantoms and Fae that have grown as old as the hills themselves and are still told this day in the area by the wise elders that know the worth of paying attention to ancient lore.




Legend has it that in Cwm Pwca, which translates as “Valley of the Goblin” a certain sort of goblin named “Pwca” existed. Mythological creatures, they were thought to have a menacing shapeshifting capability, frequently beginning in the form of a rabbit, horse, cat, goat or dog but at all times black. Said to have the influence to bring terrible fortune, people would be filled with dread if one intersected their path for dread that the “Pwca” would curse them. Pucks Valley in Clydach Gorge was so named because this is one of the areas that he was reputed to hang out.

The name was given to a variety of English fairies, but the stories in Wales are found to be very similar and across vast areas of locality varying very little in detail. Each account will be interchangeable with another with the only difference being the alteration of local names for Pwca.

The story goes that a peasant who is returning from his work (or sometimes he is returning from a fair) in the dark, sees the lit lantern travelling in front of him.