Watch out for THE BOGEYMAN!

November 9, 2017



Where you ever told as a child, that if you misbehave, the Bogeyman would come and get you? The threat has been widely used across the world in various differing terms, but, who is the Bogeyman and where did the word come from?


In the U.S he is referred to as Boogyman or Boogieman, but we are still talking about the same character, used to force children into behaving! Pretty much though, our concepts of what he looks like vary and he has no specific set appearance. He is literally a generic incarnation of fear. Sometimes, he is thought to be the Devil himself. It is, however, taken that he is a male or at least gender-less.


The origins of the word Bogey or Boogie could have emerged from many different sources. I will look specifically at British Bogeyman and suspect there may be a link to the middle English word for bugbear which is bogge or bugge. In the 19th century, Old Bogey