"When Grave-Yards Yawn in Gilwern"

October 22, 2017



This week I have been busy researching and looking for material for a book I have planned, and that inevitably results in me searching through the Welsh Newspaper archives for inspiration!  I wasn't disappointed - and a search of  the word "Strange" and "Gilwern" (a locality of mine) brought me this little gem of a story which will have been long forgotten in the village!.  


Taken from the 9th March 1867  issue of  The Brecon County Times the following ghost story was reported. This will have taken place near my home and I suspect I know the churchyard to which he would have attended the funeral. 



This poor man had been drinking at a wake after a funeral and whilst walking home in the dark during "witching hour" he sensed the presence of a ghost clanking chains!. 


He concluded no other than the owner thereof was some "subterranean" visitation and the thick "beads of fear" began to rise upon his brow.