Could your business benefit from a Spooky Encounter? Strange noises in the night may be just the boost YOUR Business NEEDS...

October 3, 2017


Welsh hotel owners and public houses have long been aware of how much curiosity a resident ghost can be for their living guests. Many venues famed for a gray lady or a headless horseman, attract visitors eager for a paranormal experience.



Undoubtedly, there is increasing public interest as the growing number of paranormal investigation groups in the UK offer Ghost Hunting events and even specialist websites dedicated to finding guests eerie evenings and spooky suppers with promises of creaking floorboards, cold spots and sleepless nights!


As the previous landlady of a pub in Bristol that had a legendary ghost, I know I had certainly never had a customer too afraid to step into the building and being an enthusiastic amateur investigator, I was rather surprised to hear first hand from one of the guests staying at a stunning Regency mansion house in Powys, which is primarily hired as a wedding and group booking venue.


“We had been staying at the hotel and the owner had been enthusiastic about its history” reports the guest, who requested we keep the identity of the location confidential.


“The house dated back six centuries and of course sat around a roaring fire with the wind and rain howling outside we shared stories about ghosts. One member of our party had some interest in the paranormal field and the amused owner gave him permission to investigate and even suggested he try the cellar – allegedly haunted. .

“The guy had a simple voice recorder with him, and called out “is anybody there?” of course it was a bit of a giggle, but afterwards we all had an enjoyable and comfortable night, well nothing went bump at least!” he joked.


Actually, what emerged once he cleaned up the footage at home on his computer was what he describes in this field as “Class A EVP” (electronic voice phenomena is the recording of alleged spirit voices) he continued.


“He shared a YouTube video of it on social media for us all to hear” continued my source.


You can clearly hear a softly spoken female Irish voice which appeared to respond intelligently to the human voice speaking in this recording” continued my source, p